We care and invest in our people.

We acknowledge and reward hard work.

Climate controlled storage area

to protect all sensitive to heat products.

We are proud of our ability to be flexbile and respond quickly to our customer needs.

About Us

Alexandrou & Panayiotopoulos Ltd was founded in 1992 by the progressive forward thinker Andreas Alexandrou, who brought with him over 30 years of professional knowledge and working experience in the dairy sector.

In 1996 Evripides Panayiotopoulos joined in, with the vison focused on creating a Company, building and distinguishing it from its competitors through the introduction and availability of high-quality brands. A new era for the Company began.

Evripides Panayiotopoulos was fortunate, growing up in a family business, gaining invaluable long real-world business experiences but also holding academic and professional qualifications.

Since its establishment Alexandrou & Panayiotopoulos Ltd has achieved steady growth and has become one of the most accomplished, prominent and respected business partner in the fields in which it operates, while it shows flexibility to meet new challenges and taking advantage of opportunities when they arise.

Alexandrou & Panayiotopoulos Ltd, markets, promotes, sells and distributes its high quality products to farms, feed mills, vets, and other specialised shops.

Alexandrou & Panayiotopoulos is a privately owned family company.

The Company

Secrets of Success

The Company’s growth and success has relied on good planning, consistent management, a strong financial base, its orientation towards profitable operations, the high level of professionalism in listening and meeting customer needs , hard work and of course the commitment and passion of its employees. The company enjoys long standing and successful trustworthy partnerships with important international organizations which are leaders in their respective fields.


In March 2012, Alexandrou & Panayiotopoulos Ltd relocated to new well designed building premises in the outskirts of Nicosia, built on fully owned freehold Company’s land.

The Company’s corporate offices adjoin the warehouse and distribution centre and this facilitates the communication between the sales team, warehouse logistics, accounts and management personnel.

Warehousing, storage and national distribution of products to customers are all organised at Company’s own facilities and implemented with own Company’s delivery vans, mini vans and trucks.

Climate Control Storage

Our climate-control fully air-conditioned area within the warehouse, enables excellent storage conditions of products, no matter how high the outer temperature is! We protect our Company’s name, respect our associates’ products and care of our customers’ businesses.

Values & Mission

Building trusting business cooperations with our associates is one of the core values of our company. Many of these have been established many years ago, since the establishment of the Company. These are based in honesty, trust, respect and joined business successes. The creation of these business cooperations bring profitable growth, for both our own business and for our associates.

Our People

We are very proud of our passionate, highly trained employees. We invest in our people. We acknowledge and reward hard work. The Company employs a team of experienced, skilled and qualified personnel in each position, utilizing modern tools and other resources aimed at increasing healthy sales growth . A team-oriented and friendly work environment is fundamental in achieving Company’s goals.

Services & Promotion

We provide (also participate in) a wide range of promotion, training, technical services, seminars and presentations, international conferences, educational trips abroad with existing as well as prospective customers but also own personnel. These services are administered by the Company’s management team and in close cooperation and coordination with our associates who join and support these efforts.


We at Alexandrou & Panayiotopoulos know very well that putting the customers first isn’t a strategy, it’s a culture!

In addition to a great product at an affordable price great customer service matters more than ever before. We strive to identify what our customers want and what makes them happy and do our utmost to fulfil their needs, wants and requirements with the products and services that we offer while we work hard to reconcile business needs with customer needs.

We acknowledge our customers for the business that they give us, for buying from us, for using our products and services and we thank them through various actions.

Evripides Panayiotopoulos

Managing Director